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Car Culture

Christopher Bruce2013-11-18 21:23:29

Circuit of the Americas Is the Latest Auto Addition to Google Street View

It joins the Lamborghini and Honda Museums this year

COTA is just the latest track to be added to the service

Someone in the Google Street View team must love cars because the service has added yet another automotive destination to its list. You can now take a virtual lap around the Circuit of the Americas with Google's service.

“We’re excited to join the growing number of companies featured by through this technology, since Google Maps is a must-visit online destination for millions of Internet users every day,” circuit spokeswoman Julie Loignon said.

The lap covers the entire 3.4-mile, track. 

Other additions to the service this year have been the Lamborghini, Honda and Mazda factory museums, and it added Laguna Seca last year.



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