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United States Responsible for 40% of Toyota's Overall Hybrid Sales
2013-04-17 13:51:29 Toyota has announced that it has just sold its five millionth Lexus or Toyot...
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GM Investing $332 Million Into Three States for Cleaner Powertrains
2013-04-05 13:46:36 General Motors has announced a $332 million investment into Michigan, Ohio and Indiana to build ...
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United States Will Get Limited Run of 250 C30 Polestar Editions
2012-09-12 02:07:23 Often in life good news comes with bad news. The good news is that the US is getting the Volvo {...
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United States Will Get Cruze Diesel in Summer
2013-02-07 14:33:25 Chevrolet has debuted the Cruze Clean Turbo Diesel to the North American m...
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Hyundai Planning EV for United States
2013-06-10 14:53:35 Hyundai's American CEO John Krafcik has revealed plans to bring an electric vehicle to the U...
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Price for Porsche 918 in United States Announced
2013-01-22 01:00:44 Porsche has announced its 2013/2014 pricing for the United States and included on the list is th...
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Alfa Romeo 4C Delayed in United States Until Q2 2014
2013-09-25 17:12:50 Alfa Romeo has delayed the introduction of the 4C to the US from the fir...
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