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Saab 9-3 Gen.2Saab 9-3 Gen.2Saab 9-3 Gen.2Saab 9-3 Gen.2Saab 9-3 Gen.2Saab 9-3 Gen.2
No agreement between Spyker, Hawtai and Saab
2011-05-12 10:00:30 Spyker Cars has announced today the agreement by and between Hawtai, Spyker and Saab Automobile AB (Saab Automobile) fo...
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Further financing for the Saab deal
2010-02-09 10:53:00 Spyker Cars N.V. has announced that the company has entered into a USD 25 million convertible loan agreement with an in...
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Spyker Files $3 Billion Lawsuit Against GM on Behalf of Saab
2012-08-06 14:43:44 Spyker has filed a $3 billion lawsuit against General Motors in United State...
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Further details on the future of Saab provided by Spyker
2010-02-02 19:49:53 Today Spyker has released further information about the Dutch brand plans for Saab, after the buying process of the Swe...
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9-4X: Saab going for the crossover segment
2010-10-19 11:33:27 When Saab comes to next month’s Los Angeles Auto Show, the Swedish brand will be premiering its new bet for the g...
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Final 78 Saabs Up for Auction in Sweden
2013-03-21 14:07:10 While Saab is officially dead and sold, the company's liquidators are still trying to get as...
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