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Saab 9-3 Gen.2Saab 9-3 Gen.2Saab 9-3 Gen.2Saab 9-3 Gen.2Saab 9-3 Gen.2Saab 9-3 Gen.2
Saab, An Obituary: 1949-2011
2011-09-08 23:43:29

Friends, we are here to celebrate Saab, not to mourn it. What other company made a habit o...

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Saab Story Gets Even Weirder as Fans Occupy GM Facebook Page
2011-11-25 16:39:39 What happens when you combine a contemporary protest movement and fans of quirky Swedish cars? Well, apparently it m...
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Saab breathes relief as GM and Spyker reach an agreement
2010-01-26 19:23:02 After several weeks of doubts about the future of the Saab brand, the negotiations between General Motors (GM) and Spyk...
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Saab reborn from the ashes with the PhoeniX concept
2011-03-01 18:58:52 Saab is showing its new design identity at the Geneva Motor Show. The PhoeniX concept represents the reborn of a brand ...
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Saab still in trouble
2011-05-02 12:48:38 Saab has arrived at a crossroads yet again. The Swedish manufacturer has long been associated with quirky niche cars th...
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Saab restarts production at Trollättan
2010-03-23 11:41:04 A new era at Saab Automobile started yesterday at the Trollättan plant with the return to the production after sev...
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Saab Files for Bankruptcy
2011-12-19 14:40:18 After an interminably long struggle, it seems that Saab is finally gone. The company announced on its Web site on De...
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Saab to launch new 9-5 SportWagon at Geneva Motor Show
2011-01-20 10:12:48 Saab just announced the debut of its new 9-5 SportWagon at the Geneva Motor Show. The new version will feature the same...
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Saab 9-5 Gen.2
series - (Sweden, 2010-present)
encyclopedia > Saab > 9-5 > Gen.259 versions  |  1 profiles  |  125 photos
Saab 9-5 Gen.1
series - (Sweden, 1997-2009)
encyclopedia > Saab > 9-5 > Gen.125 versions  |  2 profiles  |  13 photos
Saab 9-3 Gen.1
series - (Sweden, 1998-2002)
encyclopedia > Saab > 9-3 > Gen.113 versions  |  2 photos