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Buick Announces Hybrid and Turbocharged Versions of Regal
2011-08-04 20:02:37 The fifth generation Buick Regal, is the marque's first attempt to step away from its dowdy image that it has had since...
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Buick Refreshes Regal and Adds All-Wheel and Power
2013-03-26 15:41:02 In addition to the refreshed LaCrosse, Buick is revealing the refresh...
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Buick reveals 2012 Regal GS
2010-11-12 18:52:53 Buick has unveiled its production version of the 2012 Regal GS that is set to reach the markets in the second half of 2...
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Next Buick sedan model named Regal
2009-10-27 20:07:21

Buick is announcing the name of its new mid-sized sports sedan in first hand to over a t...

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Buick Now Leading the Way for GM Powertrain Innovation
2012-08-30 18:15:08 Buick is rapidly becoming one of GM's most technologically advanced bran...
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