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Museum Day celebrates 15th anniversary of the Volvo Museum
2010-05-07 11:13:21 When the Volvo Museum opens its doors tomorrow for its traditional annual Activities Day it will also be signaling the ...
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Entire Micro Car Museum Being Auctioned by RM
2012-09-20 16:35:36 Bruce Weiner amassed a collection of about 200 microcars over the past 15 years. He even opened a museum featuring h...
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*Updated* Petersen Automotive Museum Opens Vault for Christmas
2012-12-18 12:14:24 *Update* The Petersen Automotive Museum does not usually allow photography in their vault, but it sent us a collecti...
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Ferrari Owners' Clubs Meet in Belfast to Tour New Titanic Museum
2012-05-09 16:02:37 Ferrari Owners' Clubs from Ireland and Scotland are meeting up at the new Titanic Belfast Mu...
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Mercedes Museum Celebrating Brand's History in Mille Miglia
2012-10-10 14:40:38 The Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart is opening an exhibit on the brand's history in the Mi...
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*Updated* Saab Factory Museum For Sale as Part of Bankruptcy
2012-01-17 17:10:08 *Update: At the time of the original post, the .pdf showing all of the cars for sale on the law firm's web site ...
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Skoda Presents First Public Plans for New Museum in Mladá Boleslav
2012-06-24 07:14:02 Skoda has presented the first public plans for a new brand museum in one of its oldest factories...
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BMW Museum Now Serving 400,000 Visitors a Year
2012-03-23 18:04:40 BMW reopened its museum in June, 2008, after a massive renovation that modernized the entire building. Now BMW has 4...
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Audi Museum Opens Exhibit Looking Towards Future
2012-12-15 11:23:30 Audi's museum in Ingolstadt has opened a new exhibit looking at the future of the company. T...
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Pininfarina Exhibit at Ferrari Museum Extended Until February
2013-01-19 07:51:10 The Ferrari Museum at Maranello is extending its exhibit on Pininfarina-designed cars. It origin...
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