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Tomtom Says Los Angeles is the Most Congested City in the US
2013-04-08 23:31:13 Navigation company Tomtom has been allowing owners of its GPS units to opt into sharing their driving data since 201...
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Lexus is unveiling the LF-C2 in Los Angeles
2014-11-12 10:22:59 In a move that may well precede the launch of an open-top version of the Lexus RC, the Japane...
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Jaguar Diesel XF Arrives in Los Angeles after Successful Journey across US
2011-11-15 13:39:01 Jaguar's journey from New York to Los Angeles, a journey of over 2800 miles, in a diesel XF is a success. Over e...
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Mercedes-Benz blitz Los Angeles Design show
2011-11-11 10:32:04 The Los Angeles Design Challenge is seeking a spectacular new film car to wow audiences with. With Audi stealing the...
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CLS 63 AMG makes its world debut in Los Angeles
2010-11-18 12:42:28 Mercedes-Benz and AMG have brought to Los Angeles the new top-of-the-range version of the CLS: the Mercedes-Benz CLS 63...
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Porsche presents Cayman R in Los Angeles
2010-11-17 11:16:36 Today Porsche will be presenting at the Los Angeles Auto Show a new member to the Cayman family: the Cayman R. Standing...
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Mazda launching CX-3 in Los Angeles
2014-10-28 11:13:18 Mazda is preparing to enter the compact SUV market after confirming that it will be presenting a...
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Honda Fit goes electric in Los Angeles
2010-11-19 17:33:43 Honda has revealed at the Los Angeles Auto Show the all-new Fit EV Concept electric vehicle that will be part of Hon...
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