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Chris Bruce2011-07-22 15:05:54

Worlds largest meeting of Citroen 2CVs

Worlds largest meeting of Citroen 2CVs

It is summer time and that means car shows. Some people meet in a field to display their Mustangs or British sports cars, but from July 26 to July 31 the largest ever meeting of Citroen 2CVs will take place in Salbris in central France. Citroen will be showing off four pre-war 2CV prototypes and the Revolte concept, which is an electric car inspired by the style of the 2CV. Citroen has already had over 5,300 people preregister for the event and expects 2CV clubs from all over Europe to attend. 

The 2CV was originally designed in the 30s and was meant to be introduced in 1939 but was delayed until 1948 because of the war. The car was designed to transport four people and 50kg of potatoes at 60km/h. Citroen sold 5,114,940 2CVs between 1948 and 1990.

Citroen has a variety of events planned for the weekend. They will have a tent with the Revolte concept, a DS3 WRC car and a museum of important 2CV models including the four surviving pre-war prototypes. There will be a competition to see who can disassemble a 2CV and reassemble it as quickly as possible. 

Citroen holds an event to celebrate the 2CV every two years around Europe. This year will be the first time since 1989 that it will be held in France.  




I find it really funny when a car this ugly has a following
24.07.2011 @ 19:03
It has a very large nr of followers. The look, the history, everything makes it special ;)
27.07.2011 @ 15:08


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