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Tim Booth2011-05-07 19:50:57

Volkswagen to enter WRC in 2013 with Polo R WRC

Volkswagen to enter WRC in 2013 with Polo R WRC

Volkswagen has announced that it will contest the 2013 World Rally Championship with a 300 hp rally vehicle based on the Polo. The announcement was made by Volkswagen Management Board Member Dr Ulrich Hackenberg in front of 200 journalists in Olbia, Sardinia.

The car, which is to be called the Polo R WRC, was developed as a result of the convenient timing of the championships new regulations which came into effect this year. The maximum engine displacement of 1,600 cc and prescribed use of direct injection and turbochargers was ideal for the Polo R WRC’s 1.6-litre TSI engine.      

Dr Hackenberg said: "The new Technical Regulations of the World Rally Championship are an ideal fit for Volkswagen’s philosophy with respect to the development of production vehicles. Downsizing, high efficiency and reliability are top priorities for our customers. The timing of the WRC debut is optimal for Volkswagen. The big task of engineering a vehicle that is competitive and capable of winning at a large number of challenges holds great appeal for us.”

Volkswagen will be looking to capitalise on its success in the Dakar rally - which it has won the past three years in a row with the Touareg - as well as its brief success in Group A rally in 1986, when Swede Kenneth Eriksson and his German co-driver Peter Diekmann won the world champion’s title in a Golf GTI 16V.    

Volkswagen Motorsport Director Kris Nissen said: "We can draw on an experienced and proven squad which has done an outstanding job in top-calibre sport in the past few years. Even though the WRC is new territory for us and involves learning in many areas the team already meets some important prerequisites now as it brings an unwavering professional attitude and resolve to deliver absolute perfection to this commitment.”



Well, this should be interesting. How come Audi hasn't entered a rally car in WRC. Suzuki has a car! Come on Audi!
09.05.2011 @ 14:59
I think Citroën may be wandering if they will lose dominance in WRC
10.05.2011 @ 11:18
oh yeah that's right. What about Citroen. And how do you type Citroen right? With those two dots on top.
10.05.2011 @ 14:50
Probably it's only available in European. On my keyboard the trema is available on the same key as the + and * symbols.
11.05.2011 @ 17:18
Oh no wonder. Question: Will Suzuki make another rally car as outrageous as the pike peaks escudo? Just for fun?
12.05.2011 @ 17:58
Although there's a big difference between WRC and Dakar Rally, it'll be interesting how Volks apply all that experience learnt from the Dakar into the WRC. A great challenge indeed. One more thing; ...
13.05.2011 @ 01:08
Wow! That was really unexpected! Porsche and Audi? Volkswagen owns them both so it wouldn't make sense for a automaker to compete with themselves.
13.05.2011 @ 14:51


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