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Volkswagen's Own Electric Concept to Debut at Frankfurt (updated)

Volkswagen's Own Electric Concept to Debut at Frankfurt

UPDATE: Images added of the Volkswagen Nils electric concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show 13.09.2011


Audi revealed that it will bring its Urban Concept two-seat electric vehicle to Frankfurt Motor Show next week. Well VW does not want to be left out of the electric car party. Sure, it is already unveiling its new Up city car, but why not show the world an even more efficient single-seat, electric car concept. 

The Volkswagen Nils concept is a rear-engined, electric car whose design is quite different than its Audi sibling. Where the Audi Urban Concept is reminiscent of Messerschmitt micro-car from the 50s with its sliding fighter-plane style roof and tandem seating, the Nils is quite normal with gullwing doors. Unfortunately, its tapered rear, while attractive and useful, does not signal great rear visibility. The car is just 3.04m, 50cm shorter than the Up, 0.39m wide and 1.2m tall. 

The development of the Nils was supported by the German Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development to be a car for the average German commuter. It has a range of 65km with a top speed of 130km/h while still being able to carry a small bag. The car weighs just 460kg, which allows it to accelerate 0-100km/h in 11 seconds. Its electric motor makes 15kW but can produce 25kW for short periods. Because of its small engine and small size, the car can be charged from zero to full charge in about two hours using a 230 volt outlet. 

The Nils uses a variety of things to conserve power. Because the weight is kept low, the car is able to have purely mechanical steering, no power assist. The chassis is made from aluminum with plastic body panels. The mirrors are also adjusted manually. The car uses regenerative braking to keep some power in the battery when driving. The instruments are displayed on a 7 inch digital display. The interior and rear lights are powered by LEDs to also keep power consumption from the battery low. 

The Nils will be on display at the Volkswagen booth at the Frankfurt Motor Show later in the month. 


Battery Type
Top Speed
81 mph
Maximum power
34 hp
Single Seater
annual ownership cost


Looks like Volkwagen designed a ATV. Hmmm...
06.09.2011 @ 15:58
I like this...much more evolved for example than the Renault twizy, which no one knows what exactly is...
06.09.2011 @ 18:34
I'd buy it. No problem... as long as it's fast :)
07.09.2011 @ 09:36
I'd buy if it had an engine. And the Renault Twizy is a good car, just overshadowed by the Fiat 500.
07.09.2011 @ 15:43
Not a fan of this, I think it looks a bit silly. Plus it is electric ;)
09.09.2011 @ 10:47


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