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Christopher Bruce2013-06-28 15:19:58

TVR Planning to Have Two New Cars Ready for 2015

Cars will be aimed against 'a second-hand Aston'

TVR's new owners have the rights to the name and design

Les Edgar made his millions as one of the co-founders of British videogame studio Bullfrog Productions, which made a very successful string of games that combined humor and simulation from the late 80s to mid 90s. His new role is as the leader of the group of investors that have bought the rights to the TVRTVRTVRUnited Kingdom, 1946 > 201223 models
33 photos
name, design and assets and plans to have two cars on sale by 2015.

The company plans to start modestly by making a small number of cars that will only be sold in the UK. Edgar says that the company’s wants to aim the new TVRs at buyers that are already looking at second-hand Aston MartinsAston MartinAston MartinUnited Kingdom, 1914 > present62 models
1872 photos
24 videos
. Prices will be between £50k to £80k ($76,000-$122,000).

According to Edgar, the cars will have the minimum of electronics and aids. The cars will be front-engined and rear-wheel drive.

“The project started with a few of us, all lovers of drivers’ cars, talking about building the modern expression of the traditional British sports car. Most of us have business backgrounds. We knew we really needed a decent brand to make the thing fly,” said Edgar.

Edgar and the other investors bought the company from Nikolai Smolenski, and it included the rights to the name, design, wiring, materials, jigs and molds from previous cars and some spare parts that were still there. The new TVR will sell the old spare parts to owners to build some goodwill.

“None of us has ever built a car, but we have a fair bit of business know-how. We’re clear about the kind of car we want to build, and we think we can bring fresh thinking to the whole thing,” he said.

The company has not decided yet whether its first cars will have brand new designs or whether it will use the jigs and molds to reuse an old design with new mechanicals.

Source: Autocar





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