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2014-05-28 12:16:24

Toyota Yaris gets radical facelift

Changes include new design and more efficient engines

With the X-shaped front and new bumpers, the facelift of the Yaris gets 1000 completely new pieces

ToyotaToyotaToyotaJapan, 1937 > present155 models
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unveiled a completely renovated Toyota YarisYaris 3Toyota Yaris 3Japan, 2011 > present124 versions
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with a design inspired on the new Aygo. In addition to the design the Japanese brand will introduce a more efficient hybrid version and other changes in mechanics to increase refinement and driving pleasure to the model.

With the presentation of the new Yaris it gets clear that Toyota aims to bring the visual changes of the Aygo to other models in its range. With the X-shaped front and new bumpers, the facelift of the Yaris gets 1000 completely new pieces.

Given the structure of the stiffer body, the rear suspension was redesigned to incorporate a torsion beam with stiffer and softer springs, which means a better quality while driving. Improving the refinement of the vehicle was one of the goals of Toyota , achieved through better soundproofing in the dashboard area and doors.

Visually the interior looks basically unchanged, but the surfaces are actually new and received a coating using softer touch materials. An integrated seven-inch touchscreen is now part of the standard equipment and the center console was risen 23 mm to reduce the length of the gearbox lever.

The range of engines remains the same, but the powertrains received some mechanical modifications. The 1.33 gasoline and diesel 1.4 liter engines receive torque vectoring technology and greater isolation of the exhaust, while the 1.0 liter gasoline and hybrid versions are far more efficient. In the case of the petrol engine, Toyota managed to reduce CO2 emissions from 110g/km to 99g/km. In the Yaris Hybrid the reduction was from 79g/km to 75g/km. In the later case, the announced average consumption is below 3.3l/100km.

The new Toyota Yaris will be on sale from September .

Yaris 3Yaris 3




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