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autoviva2015-01-23 12:25:01

Toyota forced to increase Mirai's production

Above expected orders in Japan forcing the brand to triple prduction until 2016

In the first month after market launch, Toyota received 1500 orders for the Mirai only in Japan

In the first month after market launch, ToyotaToyotaToyotaJapan, 1937 > present155 models
4672 photos
10 videos
received 1500 orders for the MiraiMiraiToyota MiraiJapan, 2014 > present3 photos
only in Japan, which is already forcing the brand to consider to triple production of the fuel-cell hydrogen model by 2017.

Currently the Japanese brand has scheduled production of 700 Mirai units this year. However, Toyota already considers to increase production to 2000 units in 2016 and to 3000 units in 2017.

The Toyota Mirai is proving to be a real success since orders started in Japan at the end of last year. The brand claims that it was expecting orders around 400 units for the first year, but this value was largely overcome with 1500 only in the first month.

Toyota says that 60% of the orders of Mirai were made by governmental or private fleet customers, while the remaining 40% were made by private consumers. Due to high demand it is possible that customers may have to wait longer to receive their vehicles, due to production delay.


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