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Christopher Bruce0000-00-00 00:00:00

Toyota Creates a New Way to Build Cars Online

Build your Own Land Cruiser or GT86

The Land Cruiser papercraft appears pretty easy to make

ToyotaToyotaToyotaJapan, 1937 > present155 models
4672 photos
10 videos
has created a fun new way to build cars online - papercraft. It just involves a printer, a piece or two of paper, scissors and some time. 

Toyota has two vehicles available that you can build: a Land CruiserLand Cruiser Gen.10 [200 series]Toyota Land Cruiser Gen.10 [200 series]Japan, 2008 > present33 versions
86 photos
sponsored by Doctors without Borders and a GT86GT 86 Gen.1Toyota GT 86 Gen.1Japan, 2012 > present14 versions
33 photos
1 video
from Gazoo Racing. 

The Land Cruiser is the much easier of the two cars to build. All you have to do is cut it out and fold it together. It includes the complete car and even trees and tents. 

If you want a real challenge, give the GT86 a try. All of the pieces are cut out separately and then brought together. It appears that when it is done, you will have a more accurate model, but it is a lot more work. It includes the complete body, underbody and wheels. 

If you're looking for a fun project for the weekend, give this a try. 

You can get the Land Cruiser here.

The GT86 is available here


Land CruiserLand Cruiser
Land Cruiser Gen.10 [200 series]Land Cruiser Gen.10 [200 series]


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