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autoviva2010-11-12 15:17:50

Top Favorites Dominate First and Second Practice

Title Candidates Dominate First and Second Practice

As the final title race in Abu Dhabi draws closer, the tension on the tracks is rising. The four drivers still racing for the title - Alonso, Webber, Vettel and Hamilton - were being watched closely as they completed the first and second practice

The first practice at Abu Dhabi started off rather slow after rain earlier in the day had left the tracks damp and teams did not take a risk before getting used to the conditions and doing some fine-tuning on their cars. However, the practice took up speed as the tracks started to dry.

The Red Bull pilots were once again showing their dominance, with both Webber and Vettel leading the pack from the start. Red Bull's refusal to spell out team orders favoring one driver for the title, Vettel seems determined to seize the chance to become the youngest Formula One Champion of all times. His determination manifested then in the top time in first practice.

Webber lost to the attacks of the other drivers and ended up in fourth place behind Lewis Hamilton (second) and Jenson Button (third). The current championship leader and hot candidate for the title, Alonso, finished sixth behind Kubica.

The second practice started off much faster than the first and the competition between the Red Bull pilots became once more apparent. The four candidates for the title stayed persistently on top of the time sheet. Hamilton once again performed very strongly and puts the pressure on Red Bull, who would see Alonso take the trophy in case of a McLaren victory.

The second practice slowed down towards the end due to high fuel load. Massa saw a disappointing practice, as he ran out of fuel 20 minutes before finish and had to walk off the track. Vettle still managed to outpace his team rival Webber and landed a second place behind Hamilton. Alonso came third and Webber fourth, followed by Kubica and Massa in fifth and sixth place.

With Red Bull's decision to waive any team orders and Lewis Hamilton racing fastest, the drivers championship 2010 will see an almost unpredictrable winner on Sunday.

If you have any hunch on who might be the Formula One Champion 2010, you can drop us your opinion here: Autoviva F1 Competition - Who will be the Champion 2010?




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