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The most reliable Cars 2012

One of the main consumer concerns when buying a car, besides efficiency, comfort and good looks, is reliability.

Autoviva found the 10 most dependable cars that are available on the European market to date, thanks to the German TÜV that has collected data on malfunctions over more than 7 million vehicle-check-ups. The TÜV-report joined models in 5 groups from 3, 5, 9, 7 to 11 years, and out of these we have filtered the cars that have persistently scored highest.

10. Volkswagen Golf Plus

Small families will be glad to know that the slightly larger brother of the Golf, the Golf Plus, comes 10th on this list. The model scores twice in the top 10, amongst the most recent vehicles of up to 3 years, it sits on 4th position and in the 5-year-olds class it moves a bit down on the scale to 9th position. The Golf Plus is available from just below 20.000 Euros and with this info in mind, a competitive offer.

9. Porsche Cayman/Boxster

The Porsche brand is synonymous for German quality engineering and apparently its products live up to the high expectations of demanding customers. Overall, the Cayman and Boxster models make it to the 9th position, hitting 4th place amongst the 3-year-olds and an even better 3rd place for the 5-year-olds.

8. Toyota Prius

The hybrid Prius is the first of several Toyota models on this hitlist. 8th in the overall classification, it is the best-performing in the 3-year-old-class and comes in 2nd for the 5-year-olds. This makes the Japanese car a convincing choice when looking at efficiency in ecologic as much as economic terms. But of course, sustainability has its price and the Prius starts at about 25.000 Euros for those interested.

7. Porsche 911

A lot of money well spent is also the Porsche 911, the flagship from Stuttgart, that slots in on 7th position just ahead its stablemates Cayman and Boxster. This model benefits from its technical maturity and scores 1st places in the 9- and 11-year-old groups, proving those right that see a Porsche not just as a car and a passion, but also as a rock-solid investment. The latest generation is up for grabs from around 100.000 Euros.

6. Mazda 3

But supreme reliability comes also at much lower prices and here, we have to admit, the Japanese manufacturers rule. The Mazda 3 comes in sixth position overall, scoring 8th amongst the 3-year olds, 10th in the 5-year-group and 6th when about 7 years old. With prices for this compact model starting at 15.000 Euro, that looks like good value for money.

5. Ford Fusion

The Ford Fusion is the last one amongst the top-5 batteling in honour of the European manufacturers. The small MPV appears three times amongst the most reliable, on 6th position until 3-years, 10th position with 7 years and takes 7th place when 9 years old. Available new from about 13.000 Euros, this is a frugal mule.

4. Mazda 2

From now on, Japan dominates. The small Mazda 2 leaves its bigger brother Mazda 3 behind and heads high up for reliability-fame on 4th place overall. 3 years and younger, the model ranks 2nd, until 5 years it comes on 6th and until 7 years on 7th position. The little runabout costs from about 10.000 Euros and looks like a rather secure bet.  

3. Toyota Avensis

Those looking for a spacious and dependable transporter for family entourage plus luggage, could be tempted by the Avensis. The Toyota model opens the top three and convinces with a 10th place until 5 years, 5th until 7 years and 9th until 9 years of age. Prices start at a family-friendly 20.000 Euros for the sedan variant.

2. Toyota RAV4

The third Toyota on this list and 2nd overall is the RAV4. The crossover SUV makes a 4th position as 5-year-old, 3rd when 7-year old and 2nd when 9-years old. Just as wine, this one seems to get better with age, so think before you trade the good quality you got here against something new and flashy but less mature. Buying a new one will cost you from 25.000 Euros.

1. Toyota Corolla

Surprise! It's the Corolla again. Who would have guessed it? Yeah, we too. This model literally tops every reliability study but of course, has its down sides too, like ehm...looks for example. But being the only car, that makes it into the top-10 5 times, it can rest on its laurels. This model performs well above average in all age groups, costs from 20.000 Euros onwards and is, no doubt, the most rational option there is on the market.


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