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2013-05-21 18:41:28

The 10 most dangerous things one can do while driving

While driving keep your eyes and attention on the road

As the years go by people get more and more comfortable at the wheel and start developing habits that can be unsafe. The volume on the radio goes up, the rearview mirror is not checked as often and both hands don't get to be used at the same time as much.

But driving is serious business, you are not only responsible for your life but also for the lives of all people that cross your way. The bad or unlucky decisions a driver makes can influence the life of pedestrians, other drivers besides his own.

We've summed up some of the most dangerous things drivers do at the wheel. As you read them try to reconsider your own habits and adopt safer ones.

Eating and drinking

These two actions can be quite dangerous to do while driving. Imagine if you drop something hot on your legs or if you get super dirty, your instinct will be to react physically and that can be unpredictable and dangerous. Come on, it's not that hard to wait a few minutes until you finish your trip and it is for a good cause, your safety!

Applying make-up

We understand you want to look nice and sometimes you're running late and just want to do whatever is possible on the way to work. Even Mr.Bean used to brush his teeth on the car right? But applying make-up demands a big amount of attention and doing that while driving will translate into taking your eyes off the road for several seconds. Those seconds can be crucial when it comes to avoiding disaster.

Paying attention to pets

Even though you love your pet you should leave him in the back seat and not play with him during the trip. Turning your head or letting your cat or dog sit on your lap can lead to distractions and accidents.

Paying attention to kids

Recent studies show that kids are more distracting than phones while driving. A study from Australia showed that parents take their eyes off the road for an average time of 3 minutes and 22 seconds for a 16 minute trip. The study also proved that fathers are distracted for a longer period of time than mothers. Experts suggest setting car rules before trips to avoid noise or feeding while driving.

Driving while feeling spleepy

After an exhausting day at work or a night out with friends it's easy to become drowsy. And sure we all feel like we can make it until we get home to finally get some rest. But if you feel your eyelids droopy and tired you should make a stop in a safe place and take a small nap. According to the NHTSA around 100,000 crashes are caused every year in the USA by drowsy driving.

Talking on the phone or texting

Phones have become an essential gadget for most people. People want to share everything on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and answer every phone call and text. But those precious seconds you devote to your phone can make a difference when the car in front of you brakes suddenly. Use the phone when you get to your destination. Your social networking accounts will survive!

Not wearing sealtbelts

On average 40.000 people die each year in the USA in car crashes and it is proven that wearing seatbelts can prevent death in about half of those accidents. If you're projected at 30mph you will experience the same impact as if you fell three stories. Try to think about that the next time you leave for a quick trip or say that seatbelts are not that comfortable.

Grabbing something you dropped

We all had that moment when we dropped our phone ou a few coins while at the wheel. Or maybe you want to reach something in the back seat. Think about how dangerous it is to take your eyes off the road, now sum that with taking your hands off the wheel! Deadly combination no? Wait until you stop or if it's really important find a gas station or a place to make a quick stop.

Driving with headphones

Using headphones to listen to music actually makes a world of difference while driving. Listening to music directly from the car's sound system still allows you to be aware of your surroundings. That does not happen once you put on headphones. Headphones will block exterior sounds and you won't be able to hear anything that's happening around you.


Reading is probably the most dangerous thing one can do while driving. Of course one can say that you can have one hand at the wheel and one on the newspaper or magazine but you will be completely engaged in what's happening on those pages. Remember that you'll take so much more out of what you're reading if you do it in a quiet place without the need for interruptions.




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