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Chris Bruce2012-02-01 15:19:28

Suzuki Debuting G70 Compact and Range-Extended Swift at Geneva

Suzuki Debuting G60 Compact and Range-Extended Swift at Geneva

Suzuki will debut two vehicles for Europe at its press conference during the Geneva Auto Show on March 6. 

The first vehicle was shown at the Tokyo Motor Show as the Regina concept, although now Suzuki is heavily hinting that the vehicle will be put into production. Now called the G70, the car weighs 730kg (1609lbs) and CO2 emissions around 70g/km of CO2 with a petrol engine. Suzuki did not say when the G70 would be released, but did say that it represents their, "next-generation global compact car."

The other vehicle that it will show is the range-extended Swift. It was also shown at the Tokyo Motor Show as the Swift EV Hybrid. The Swift Range Extender is based on the current generation Swift and has a 30km range from its battery. Suzuki did not reveal the added range with the extender. 

Suzuki is a small company, but it seems lazy that it would bring the same models that it had at the Tokyo Auto Show, renamed them and will present them as new models in Geneva. 

Swift Gen.5Swift Gen.5




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