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Christopher Bruce2013-10-30 14:29:50

Suzuki Blitzing Tokyo Motor Show with 4 Crossover Concepts

They range from compact crossover to mini off-roader and full production

The Crosshiker is Suzuki's idea for a compact crossover

The Tokyo Motor Show appears to be very crossover-biased this year. HondaHondaHondaJapan, 1948 > present102 models
2419 photos
10 videos
is bringing a compact crossover based on the FitFit Gen.2Honda Fit Gen.2Japan, 2008 > present6 versions
14 photos
, and SubaruSubaruSubaruJapan, 1953 > present34 models
1174 photos
6 videos
has three crossover concepts ready for the Japanese show. SuzukiSuzukiSuzukiJapan, 1909 > present47 models
707 photos
4 videos
is taking things every further with four crossover concepts ready for Tokyo on November 20.

Suzuki says that its slogan is “Small Cars for a Big Future”, and the concepts are meant to bring “excitement and passion” to buyers’ lives.

The first new crossover concept is called the Crosshiker compact crossover concept. It uses a next-generation lightened platform and weighs just 810kg (1786lb). Power comes from a new 1.0-liter three-cylinder engine.

The X-Lander is meant as a modern Jimny

The X-Lander is meant as a modern Jimny

© photo courtesy of: Suzuki

Suzuki says that it is supposed to be “eco-friendly on the inside while having a design with personality that would evoke passion in users.”

The concept has front LED headlights and a closed grill with the air intake mounted low on the front bumper. The three-door compact crossover has its side view mirrors mounted high on the doors to make it look cleaner from the side.

Suzuki’s X-Lander concept is meant as a modern reinterpretation of the JimnyJimnySuzuki JimnyJapan, 0 > present12 versions
27 photos
1 video
mini off-roader. It offers all-wheel drive, a 1.3-liter hybrid engine and new automatically controlled manual transmission. The electric motor is mounted in the rear to provide all-wheel drive.

The concept has no roof and seats two people. A roll hoop behind the front seats provides rollover protection. One of its coolest features is that the windshield has no frame.

The Hustler is a boxy, five-door hatchback that is meant to combine a minicar and crossover. It is meant to be very utilitarian and maximize cargo room in its small body.

The Hustler Coupe uses the same platform and still have four doors but adds a slightly sloping roof for more style.

Finally, the iV-4IV-4Suzuki IV-4Japan, 2014 > 2014 is meant to be Suzuki’s compact SUV that carries on the current look of Suzuki vehicles. It uses Suzuki’s new ALLGRIP four-wheel drive system, which generally prioritizes fuel economy but directs more power rearward in other modes. Unlike the rest of them, it is confirmed for production and will be built in Europe in 2015.

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