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Chris Bruce2011-11-09 14:21:25

Subaru Bringing New Impreza and Advanced Tourer Concept to Tokyo Auto Show

Subaru Bringing New Impreza and Advanced Tourer Concept to Tokyo Auto Show

The Tokyo Auto Show begins at the end of November, and Subaru already knows what cars it will bring to the show. First, there is a redesigned Impreza as a sedan and five-door. Then, there is the new Advanced Tourer Concept. The first real showing of the BRZ will also be at Tokyo. 

The Advanced Tourer Concept is meant to be a C-segment class car to show what the next-generation of Subaru wagons could look like. The concept is powered by Subaru's traditional boxer four-cylinder and all-wheel drive but with the addition of a hybrid drive. The entire roof is made of glass to make the cabin feel more airy. 

Subaru is also bringing a redesigned Impreza to Tokyo. It gets the CVT transmission that Subaru has been placing in all of its cars and weight has been cut, but Subaru is not saying yet how much. The engines remain the same. The style of the car is very, very similar to the current Legacy with the head lights that slope upwards and in general design. It looks like a miniature of the Legacy. 

Finally, Subaru will be showing a real model of the BRZ with a 2.0 liter boxer engine and a six-speed manual transmission.

It looks like Subaru has a great showing planned for Tokyo. 


Impreza Gen.3Impreza Gen.3


Ooo looks like a new Audi. I bet you it looks good going uphill!
09.11.2011 @ 14:49
I kind of like the BRZ actually.
09.11.2011 @ 23:45
I hope the BRZ will bring in a new age of affordable soorts cars to the world. There is only a handfull of cars like the BRZ. Hopefull Toyota will make a new Supra with the BRZ as the basis.
10.11.2011 @ 15:46


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