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Study: Woman More Likely to Have Road Rage

The study found that longer commutes lead to more road rage

A study from Harris Interactive and found that women self-identified as having road rage more often than men. The study found that of 3,892 respondents age 18 and older 61% of female commuters and 56% of male commuters feel angry behind the wheel.

The study also found that longer commutes make road rage more likely. While 58% respondents reported road rage, drivers with a 5-minute commute reported a 37% rate of road rage and 54% reported it with commutes of less than 10 minutes.

However, only 9% of drivers have actually had an actual fight with another commuter. 

“Women are much more verbal than men so they're more likely to voice their frustration,” said Dr. Sam Klarreich.

The survey also looked texting while driving and 30% of drivers admitted to doing it. 

Source: CareerBuilder and Global Toronto




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