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autoviva2009-10-26 11:31:17

Stolen Vehicle Slowdown technology for carjacking situations

Stolen Vehicle Slowdown technology for carjacking situations

North-American car company GM and technology developer OnStar have just publicly revealed the use of the Stolen Vehicle Slowdown (SVS) system in order to recover a carjacked vehicle in Visalia, California. This is the first available technology for helping in carjacking situations and it was first used to safely get back a 2009 Chevrolet Tahoe that had been stolen at Visalia.

The SVS system works through GPS technology that locates the stolen vehicle and immediately sends that information to the authorities. Once activated, it sends a signal to vehicle’s engine that makes it slow down so that it is quickly recovered and has a reduced probability of crashing during a chase. This will be feasible when the car’s proprietor has subscribed to this service, making it possible to call and report the situation.


1 comment

All of this for a Tahoe? I was expecting at least a Corvette ;-)
22.01.2012 @ 00:05


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