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Senna-owned NSX for Sale on Ebay in Portugal

Seller claims Senna drove this car while testing at Estoril

The car is beautiful to say the least

A seller in Portugal has put a Honda NSXNSX Gen.1Honda NSX Gen.1Japan, 1992 > 20027 versions
11 photos
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on sale on Ebay UK that he claims was owned by Ayrton Senna. According to the seller, this is one of the three NSXs that Senna owned, although it was probably the one that he drove the least. 

Honda gave him a red one what he kept in Quinta do Lago in southern Portugal. His sponsor Antonio de Almeida Braga bought him a black one that was kept at Braga's home near Estoril, and he bought a third black one that was kept in Sao Paulo, Brazil. 

The seller claims to own the black car that Braga purchased for Senna. He says that he has owned the car for the past 17 years, and it has covered 31,000 miles in that time. It comes with the original carpets and is installed with replacements. The carpets were replaced because the driver's side had a boot print from Senna that the second owner wanted to keep. 

Now, this story certainly seems difficult to believe, and there is very little proof in the Ebay listing that Senna had anything to do with this car. 

However, on August 9 someone claiming to be the seller posted in the comments discussing the listing on the website Bring a Trailer. Under the username "j. fachada" the seller provides more information. He says that Senna droving the car while staying in Sintra, Portugal, on vacation and while testing for Formula 1 at Estoril. The current owner says that he did most of the car's 31,000 miles.

Sometime in 1995, a man in the Portuguese media bought the car from Braga and replaced the carpets to save the Senna boot print.

In 1996, the current owner bought the car. He claims that he paid 12 million escudos, which he estimates is €60,000 in modern currency. 

The seller is certainly telling a good story, but before you bid, do due diligence. Bidding for the car is currently at £51,100.00 (€59,400.60 or $79,249.98) with seven days to go.

For those not familiar, McLaren's close ties to Honda at the time of the NSX's development meant that Honda tapped Senna to do suspension and steering development on the NSX. 

Source: Bring a Trailer

NSX Gen.1NSX Gen.1
V 6
182 cu in
Top Speed
168 mph
5, Manual
Maximum power
274 hp @ 7300 rpm
Fixed-head coupé
Fuel consumption (combined)
annual ownership cost
$ 1.042




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