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Christopher Bruce2012-03-14 17:20:30

Sebastian Vettel Looking Foward to Successful Year with a Car Named Abbey

Sebastian Vettel Looking Foward to Successful Year with a Car Named Abbey

Despite two, consecutive Formula 1 Drivers' Championships, Sebastian Vettel will be pushing hard this season for a third. Vettel has given a name to his cars in previous years, and he has decided to name the new car "Abbey" because he likes the name. 

Vettel discussed his views on racing in the future at a Red Bull event in Australia. 

"So I have never had to ask myself the question, do I want this again or why am I here? Nothing has changed. I am still hungry, and I am still getting upset when there is someone else beating me – which is a good thing for sure. Everyone will get beaten one day, and it is not about that particular day but how you come back. There is nothing wrong with losing, but we have a lot of races and the one who is most consistent and on average the best one deserves to win the world championship," said Vettel.

Vettel went on to discuss that despite being a two-time World Champion, he feels there are times when he could have done better. 

"That is the great thing and in particular this year, where you don't really know where you are, it looks as if all the teams are very close to each other – so there might be a couple of surprises. Lotus was very strong in the test so we have to wait – but only a couple more days, and then we know a lot more," said Vettel. 

In the past Vettel's cars have carried the names Kate, Kate's Dirty Sister, Luscious Liz and Kinky Kylie. He has not driven the RB8 enough yet to determine its adjective. 

The original concept for the name was "Everybody's Wife" because according to Vettel, "it might not be too sexy because it has a bit of a beak and it needs a nose job, but it runs like a train!"

Source: Autosport and Autosport

Red BullRed Bull
V 8 (90º vee)
146 cu in
Top Speed
7, semi-automatic
Maximum power
761 hp
Single Seater
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