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autoviva2011-03-28 15:28:45

Sauber drivers disqualified from Australian GP

Sauber drivers disqualified

Sergio Perez and Kamui Kobayashi have been disqualified from yesterday’s Australian GP. Both Sauber cars registered technical infringements which made stewards take away the seventh and eighth spots earned by the team’s drivers.

After making an excellent debut to his F1 career finishing in seventh ahead of his team-mate Kobayashi, Sergio Perez saw the stewards in Melbourne exclude both the team’s cars because of the infringement of technical rules 3.10.1 and 3.10.2. These rules refer to the uppermost rear wing element.

Article 3.10.1 reads: "Any bodywork more than 150mm behind the rear wheel centre line which is between 150mm and 730mm above the reference plane, and between 75mm and 355mm from the car centre line, must lie in an area when viewed from the side of the car that is situated between 150mm and 350mm behind the rear wheel centre line and between 300mm and 400mm above the reference plane. When viewed from the side of the car no longitudinal cross section may have more than one section in this area.

"Furthermore, no part of this section in contact with the external air stream may have a local concave radius of curvature smaller than 100mm.

"Once this section is defined, 'gurney' type trim tabs may be fitted to the trailing edge. When measured in any longitudinal cross section no dimension of any such trim tab may exceed 20mm."

3.10.2 states: "Other than the bodywork defined in Article 3.10.9, any bodywork behind a point lying 50mm forward of the rear wheel centre line which is more than 730mm above the reference plane, and less than 355mm from the car centre line, must lie in an area when viewed from the side of the car that is situated between the rear wheel centre line and a point 350mm behind it."

Sauber has already confirmed its intention to appeal its disqualification from the Australian Grand Prix. The team has been caught by surprise and is disappointed with the outcome of what had been a great weekend.

"It appears that there is a question over the top surface of the uppermost rear wing element, this area is not the working surface of the component and therefore relatively unimportant to its function,” said technical director James Key.

"Certainly this has not led to any performance advantage. We are checking the design of the parts now to better understand the situation and we intend to appeal the decision made by the stewards," he added.

Because of the disqualification of Perez and Kobayashi, Felipe Massa climbed up to seventh position, ahead of Sebastien Buemi from Toro Rosso. Force India’s Adrian Sutil and Paul di Resta climbed to the points, closing the top-ten.

Pos. Driver Team  Time
1. Sebastian Vettel Red Bull  1h29:30.259
2. Lewis Hamilton McLaren Mercedes  + 22.297
3. Vitaly Petrov Lotus Rena  + 30.560
4. Fernando Alonso Ferrari  + 31.772
5. Mark Webber Red Bull  + 38.171
6. Jenso Button McLaren Mercedes  + 54.300
7. Felipe Massa Ferrari  + 1.25.100
8. Sebastien Buemi Toro Rosso  + 1 Lap
9. Adrian Sutil Force India  + 1 Lap
10. Paul Di Resta Force India  + 1 Lap
11. Jaime Alguersuari Toro Rosso  + 1 Lap
12. Nick Heidfeld Lotus Renault  + 1 Lap
13. Jarno Trulli Lotus  + 2 Laps
14. Jerome D'Ambrosio Virgin  + 3 Laps

Fastest Lap: Felipe Massa - 1m28.947s

Drivers Championship Standings

Driver Points
Vettel 25
Hamilton 18
Petrov 15
Alonso 12
Webber 10
Button 8
Massa 6
Buemi 4
Sutil 2
Di Resta 1

Constructors Championship Standings

Constructor Points
Red Bull 35
McLaren Mercedes 26
Ferrari 18
Renault 14
Toro Rosso 4
Force India 3


V 8 (90º vee)
146 cu in
Top Speed
7, semi-automatic
Maximum power
Single Seater
Fuel consumption (combined)
annual ownership cost




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