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Renault Reveals Frendzy Concept

Renault Reveals Frendzy Concept

The Frankfurt Motor Show is about two months away, but the first news about what will be revealed is starting to trickle out. Renault has revealed pictures of one of the concepts that it will be showing off in Germany. 

The Frendzy is designed to be a multipurpose vehicle for work or family. Overseen by Senior Vice President for Renault Design Laurens van den Acker, the car communicated its dual roles by being asymmetrical. The driver's side has suicide doors allowing for easy access. The passenger's side has a conventional front door and sliding rear door like what would be found on a van. The passenger side also features an electronic display to allow businesses to advertise or show messages. 

The concept is powered by an electric motor, which makes 60hp. Because it is designed to be a work vehicle and often driven at slow speeds, the sound that the vehicle produces has been tuned to make sure that bystanders hear the electric vehicle coming. For the concept the sounds emitted depend on if the car is in business or passenger car mode. 

“From the very start, I wanted to move away from the traditional format for commercial vehicles and, in doing so, show that this type of vehicle could also be more emotional, more dynamic and more attractive. I took inspiration from a wide variety of sources, including unconventionally shaped aircraft such as the Airbus Beluga and the Antonov 224,” said exterior designer Deyan Denkov. 

The interior is designed to be a workbench for the driver. It is made from wood to communicate simplicity and timelessness. It also features magnetic tie-downs and modular storage to be more utalitarian. 

“This modern combination of wood and metal picks up on Renault’s strategic design values of simplicity, sensuousness and warmth,” said interior designer Antoine Génin.

For the dashboard, the car comes equipped with a Blackberry Playbook tablet to allow workmen to plan deliveries and communicate. 

While this is a concept car, Renault currently makes several commercial vehicles like the Kangoo and Trafic, and it is possible that the exterior design could find its way into future cars. 

Battery Type
Top Speed
81 mph
Maximum power
60 hp
Multi-purpose vehicle
annual ownership cost

1 comment

Cute concept...I like the direction Renault is taking with its concepts...let's see what will be the real outcome!
08.07.2011 @ 10:09


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