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Christopher Bruce2013-05-24 14:18:52

Renault Reveals 5-Inspired 320hp Twin'Run Concept in Monaco

Design points towards the look of the next Twingo

The Twin Run is inspired by the Renault 5 Turbo

RenaultRenaultRenaultFrance, 1898 > present189 models
6114 photos
17 videos
has revealed its 320hp Twin'RunTwin RunRenault Twin RunFrance, 2013 > 201314 photos
concept publicly by driving it around the Monaco F1 course. The car takes inspiration from the classic Renault 55Renault 5France, 1972 > 19962 series
23 versions
132 photos
and suggests the look of the next generation TwingoTwingoRenault TwingoFrance, 1992 > present3 series
70 versions
213 photos
1 video
. In Renault's mind, the Twin'Run picks up where the R5 Turbo5 TurboRenault 5 TurboFrance, 1983 > present4 photos
and Clio V6Clio V6Renault Clio V6France, 2003 > present4 photos
left off. It is a tube-frame racecar with the body similar to the future Twingo.

"Twin’Run is a cocktail of energy, passion and athleticism, rekindling the memory of emblematic Renault racing cars. Following its twin, Twin’ZTwin ZRenault Twin ZFrance, 2013 > 201320 photos
, a stylish urban concept car, Twin’Run shows that personalization is a core strategy at Renault," said Laurens van den Acker, head of design at Renault.

The Twin'Run has a compact body with a blunt front and rear. Renault gave the car red stripes to accent its few curves. Up front, the car has regular dual headlights and two sets of LED rally lights, which allow them to be 25mm deep.

Most of the body is made from fiberglass panels, but the front blade in the bumper, roof, rear vent and wheel arches are carbon fiber.

At the rear, there is a large wing set at a high angle. This is to mitigate the lift that is created by a two-box design.

Unfortunately while the shape echoes the next Twingo, the mechanicals of the Twin'Run will likely never see production.

It is made from a tubular steel chassis with a mid-mounted engine from the Megane TrophyMégane TrophyRenault Mégane TrophyFrance, 2009 > present2 photos
. The 3.5-liter V6 produces 320hp and 280.3lb-ft of torque. Power is routed through a six-speed sequential transmission to the rear wheels with a limited-slip differential. Air gets to the engine via the two small intakes ahead of the rear wheels, and there are dual exhausts positioned at the far corners of the rear.

For better weight distribution, the fuel tank, radiator and hydraulic system are all under the hood up front. It gives the Twin'Run a 43:57 front to rear weight distribution.

The suspension uses double wishbones front and rear with Öhlins dampers.

As a tube-framed concept, the interior is not much to speak of. There are tubes of steel everywhere that support the body panels and protect during rollovers. The dashboard, door panels, steering wheel and seats are covered in Alcantara. There is a 5.5in digital instrument display that displays revs, speed and selected gear.

Renault Chief Operating Officer Carlos Tavares drove the lap around Monaco. Accompanying him were CaterhamCaterhamCaterhamUnited Kingdom, 1973 > present9 models
354 photos
1 video
F1 driver Charles Pic in a Clio V6 and 80s Renault rally car driver Jean Ragnotti in a Maxi 5 Turbo5 Turbo 2Renault 5 Turbo 2France, 1983 > present1 photo

Twin RunTwin Run
V 6 (60.0º vee)
213 cu in
Top Speed
155 mph
6, sequential manual
Maximum power
320 hp @ 6800 rpm
Fuel consumption (combined)
annual ownership cost

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