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Renault-Nissan Preparing for New Challengers in EV Market

BMW, VW and Tesla will enter the European EV market in the next 12 months

Renault-Nissan is about to face an onslaught of EVs in Europe

RenaultRenaultRenaultFrance, 1898 > present189 models
6115 photos
17 videos
- has controlled electric vehicle sales in Europe for the last several years, but it is about to get several challengers coming in the next few months.

VolkswagenVolkswagenVolkswagenGermany, 1938 > present98 models
9787 photos
31 videos
announced its e-Upe-up!Volkswagen e-up!Germany, 2013 > present7 photos
and e-Golfe-GolfVolkswagen e-GolfGermany, 2014 > present3 photos
at the Frankfurt Motor Show, and BMW revealed its i sub-brand – the i3i3BMW i3Germany, 2014 > present9 photos
and i8i8BMW i8Germany, 2013 > present32 photos
. TeslaTeslaTeslaUnited States of America, 2003 > present4 models
207 photos
is just beginning sales of the Model SModel STesla Model SUnited States of America, 2012 > present2 photos
in Europe and has set up its Supercharger EV charging network in Norway.

“I hear we have competition, and I welcome it. Little by little every carmaker will enter the electric car field. This industry cannot run without electric cars and hybrid cars,” said Renault-Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn.

Renault-Nissan has introduced the Nissan LeafLEAF SLNissan LEAF SLJapan, 2011 > present2 photos
, Renault ZoeZoeRenault ZoeFrance, 2012 > present7 photos
, Renault TwizyTwizyRenault TwizyFrance, 2010 > present3 photos
1 video
and several electric commercial vehicles in the last few years. However, Ghosn has admitted that Renault-Nissan will not meet its 1.5 million annual EV sales goal for 2016.

“By 2020 I believe 10 per cent of cars sold will be electric. We are waiting for governments to show more support, but it will happen. China especially will be key, and by 2020 I expect the momentum to be there,” said Ghosn.

Tesla is the outlier among the new EVs with its Model S. The Zoe, Leaf, e-Golf and i3 all fill roughly the same niche as electric compact vehicles. The Model S is a much larger car with more luxurious features but has a price roughly twice as high as the others. It is also a brand new brand in Europe and unfamiliar to buyers.

The i8 is likely the Model S’ nearest competitor, but the differences are significant. The i8 is a hybrid, not an EV, and while the i8 is a 2+2, the rear seats are tiny. The Model S has a full rear seat and even two stowing jump seats in the rear as an option.

Source: Autocar





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