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Porsche Moving Forward with Four-Cylinder Boxer Engine

It will not be for the 911

Porsche is working on a flat-four engine for the Cayman and Boxster

PorschePorschePorscheGermany, 1931 > present43 models
4654 photos
29 videos
says that it is moving forward with development of its new flat-four engine that are being designed for the BoxsterBoxster Gen.3 [981]Porsche Boxster Gen.3 [981]Germany, 2012 > 20167 versions
26 photos
2 videos
and CaymanCayman Gen.2 [981]Porsche Cayman Gen.2 [981]Germany, 2012 > present9 versions
37 photos
and may find its way into other models. However, the 911911 Gen.6 [991 Series]Porsche 911 Gen.6 [991 Series]Germany, 2011 > present110 versions
318 photos
3 videos
is not one of them, so there will be no return to the 912912Porsche 912Germany, 1965 > 19763 versions
5 photos

The point of the engine is to meet strengthening emissions standards. The new engine will have a smaller displacement and likely be turbocharged to lower weight and keep power roughly the same. To save money in development and production, Porsche may be simply removing two cylinders from one of its current flat-six engines to create the new one.

“We are working on a flat-four engine. For me a 911 is a six-cylinder car, it cannot be a four-cylinder. The Boxster and Cayman on the other hand, we are deciding if it fits.

“Developing a flat engine is more expensive, but that’s our heritage and it has to be that way. I think the market will definitely accept a four-cylinder Porsche. Downsizing is a fact of the industry now," said Wolfgang Hatz, Porsche head of Research and Development chief.

When these four-cylinder Boxsters and Caymans are introduced, it will almost make them the modern rebirth of the classic Porsche 356356Porsche 356Germany, 1948 > 196534 versions
266 photos
. However, Porsche has no plans to bring back a car like the 914914Porsche 914Germany, 1969 > 19764 versions
21 photos
with the new four-cylinder.

“No, there’s definitely no room below the Boxster,” said Hatz.

Source: Auto Express

Cayman Gen.2 [981]Cayman Gen.2 [981]




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