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Christopher Bruce2013-06-04 16:18:19

Porsche Gives More Details on Hybrid Future

The 918 Spyder will introduce the future of its hybrid tech

The 918 uses two of the hybrid modules - one on each axle

Last month, PorschePorschePorscheGermany, 1931 > present43 models
4654 photos
29 videos
revealed that it plans to broaden its hybrid lineup and eventually would offer a hybrid 911911 Gen.6 [991 Series]Porsche 911 Gen.6 [991 Series]Germany, 2011 > present110 versions
318 photos
3 videos
. It plans to have a second-generation of hybrids ready by 2016 or 2017 with more power, less weight and longer range. As more details about its hybrid future emerge, Porsche says that it plans to have a hybrid version of every car in its lineup in the future. 

The key to the hybrid future is Porsche's hybrid drive module that combines the electric motor and clutches into a signle unit that can be incorporated into any Porsche by installing between the engine and transmission. It is already using the tech in the Panamera S E-HybridPanamera S E-HybridPorsche Panamera S E-HybridGermany, 2013 > present4 photos
but will unveil the second generation of the module in the 918 Spyder918 SpyderPorsche 918 SpyderGermany, 2013 > present12 photos
this summer.

The module uses more energy-dense batteries than the current Panamera S E-Hybrid and will produce more than its 94hp. The 918 Spyder uses two of the hybrid modules; it produces 127hp on the front axle and 154hp on the rear axle. While the wiring loom in lighter than the one in the Panamera Hybrid thanks to aluminum rather than copper wires. However, they require air- and water-cooling, which makes the weight loss negligible. 

The engine itself will run less in the future with stop/start, coasting and running on battery power.

The next step in the plan is integrating the hybrid system with the navigation system. The navigation will tell the powertrain about the road ahead including includes and corners, and the drivetrain will adapt to it ahead of time.

More Porsche Hybrids on the Way, Including for 911

Source: Autocar

918 Spyder Gen.1918 Spyder Gen.1
918 Spyder918 Spyder
Battery Type
Top Speed
214 mph
7, Double Clutch
Maximum power
608 hp @ 8700 rpm
Electric / Petrol
annual ownership cost

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