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autoviva2016-03-09 11:56:29

Porsche 911 R: from the circuits to the road

New sports car from the German brand was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show

With an output of 500hp and 460Nm of torque, this version can reach 100km/h in 3.8 seconds
PorschePorschePorscheGermany, 1931 > present43 models
4654 photos
29 videos
revealed at the Geneva Motor Show the new 911 R911 RPorsche 911 RGermany, 2016 > present3 photos
, a competition car with homologation for the road. The new version of the brand's classic sports car is powered by a 4.0-liter engine with 500hp.
Like its predecessor, the new 911 R is based on lightweight construction, maximum performance and a strong driving experience. This edition is limited to 991 units and weighs 1370kg, making it currently the lightest version of the 911.
Developed by the competition department of Porsche, the 911 R is equipped with a six-cylinder boxer engine with 4.0-liters. With an output of 500hp and 460Nm of torque, this version can reach 100km/h in 3.8 seconds. The version is only available with a sporty manual six-speed gearbox and can reach a top speed of 323km/h. The combined consumption is announced at 13,3l/100km.
The 911 R is 50kg lighter than the 911 GT3 RS911 GT3 RSPorsche 911 GT3 RSGermany, 2015 > present3 photos
, with a total of 1370kg, thanks to the bonnet and mudguards in carbon, roof in magnesium and rear and side windows in polycarbonate. The reduction of the inner insulation and the lack of rear seats also favored weight reduction.
Visually the 911 R has a front and a rear identical to the 911 GT3911 GT3Porsche 911 GT3Germany, 2013 > present5 photos
1 video
, however, the technological part comes from the 911 GT3 RS. All ultralight components of bodywork and chassis come from the 911 GT3. However, with the clear intention of being used on the road it doesn't have a fixed rear wing. Instead it features an automatic retractable aileron and a flat bottom with a diffuser customized for the R version which ensures the necessary downforce. Front and rear spoilers are the same featured on the 911 GT3. The exhaust system is built in extremely light titanium. Porsche logos on the sides of the vehicle and striped in red or green, show the relationship with its legendary predecessor.
Inside the 911 R receives a bucket seat with a Pepita tartan design which evoques the first 911 from 1960. Besides the GT Sport steering wheel and a short command R gear lever, the 911 R also receives carbon decorative moldings which feature the aluminum plate with the serial number of the limited edition unit. Another typical feature of GT vehicles are textile strips which serve as handles to open the door.
911 Gen.6 [991 Series]911 Gen.6 [991 Series]
911 R911 R
Flat 6
244 cu in
Top Speed
201 mph
Maximum power
500 hp @ 8250 rpm
Fixed-head coupé
Fuel consumption (combined)
17.68 US MPG
$ 184.900
annual ownership cost


It’s also fair to hope that these changes will improve the overall experience of driving the car. Porsche 911 R gets the latter right, but in my opinion, it could have done better on the former. htt...
24.02.2022 @ 04:26
The Porsche 911 R is a new sports car from the German brand that was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show. It is believed to be the fastest production Porsche ever made.
24.02.2022 @ 04:28
Awesome! Learned alot thanks so much keep posting more.
18.03.2022 @ 01:58


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