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Chris Bruce2011-08-25 19:00:35

Polish-Built, British-Engineered Arrinera Supercar Planned with 650hp V8 for ₤100k

Polish Arrinera Supercar

There are not a lot of well known Polish cars, but Arrinera Automotive S.A is hoping to change that with its Arrinera supercar. The Warsaw-based automaker is not totally on its own, though. Lee Noble, probably best known as the designer of the Ultima GTR and Noble M12, has partnered with Arrinera as a stakeholder to design the car's chassis and work on other technical elements. 

The Arrinera is promising some pretty big numbers for a car it plans to sell for ₤100k GBP. The Arrinera is slated to go from 0 to 100km/h in less than four seconds, pull more than one lateral g-force on a skid pad and have a quarter mile time below 12 seconds. To do this the Arrinera will use a 6.5 liter V8 making about 650hp and 820Nm. It plans for the entire car to have a dry weight of 1300kg. 

The Arrinera has a mid-mounted engine with two big side-mounted air intakes feeding it. The front-end is reminiscent of modern Lamborghinis with sharp lines and a very low slung appearance, especially because of its vertical-hinged doors. Air intakes at the front of the car are designed to cool the 380mm brakes. The rear has huge diffusers that are designed to resemble jet exhausts. 

Sales of the Arrinera are at least a year out. A prototype has just been completed, and Arrinera Automotive says that it will take at least a year to prepare a production version and work out manufacturing facilities. 

Arrinera Automotive does not plan on building entire cars itself. Instead it is looking for sub-contractors to take on building various components that it will then finish the assembly. 

The Arrinera is just the first car planned by the company. It also has two other projects in the works. Arrinera Automotive has bought a 50% stake in Noble's Fenix Automotive Ltd. that also plans to produce its own supercar. The company also wants to make a one or two seat “fun car” weighing less than 500kg with 200-300hp and costing around ₤70,000. This project is still very much in the planning phases, as Arrinera Automotive is still working on getting its supercar into showrooms. 




Arrinera AutomotiveArrinera Automotive
Arrinera SupercarArrinera Supercar


It's a plastic Lamborghini! :)
25.08.2011 @ 22:03
Absolutely it is a Lambo.
26.08.2011 @ 04:30


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