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Christopher Bruce2013-02-22 18:20:23

Pirelli Says Next Year's Tires Will Have Wider Operating Window

Predicting less uncertainty in results

Pirelli presented the new tires last night

Pirelli has revealed its 2013 Formula 1 tires and says that they will have better traction but not last as long. 

"We have been asked to provide more uncertainty and more performance. Uncertainty means teams having to find the right set-up and drivers having to use the tire properly," said Pirelli Chairman Marco Tronchetti.

Next year's tires will be softer than last season. The new hard compound will have the tire will have the hardness of last year's medium compound. The sidewalls are softer but with stronger shoulders. The point is to give the tires more traction but faster degradation.

The organizers wanted a tire that would be easier to drive on than last season, but they would degrade faster to force teams to use a two-stop strategy. Towards of the end of last season many teams were changing tires because they needed to, not out of necessity. 

"The teams asked us to do something different, because otherwise drivers could use one set for whole race. This uncertainty is something the teams have asked for," said Tronchetti.

Pirelli also replaced the silver color from last year's hard compound with orange to make the tires more visible.

Source: Autosport




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