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Peugeot Showing Onyx and 2008 Concepts in Paris

The Onxy uses a diesel V8 and hybrid

PeugeotPeugeotPeugeotFrance, 1882 > present120 models
4048 photos
7 videos
will debut two new concepts at the Paris Motor Show - the OnyxOnyxPeugeot OnyxFrance, 2012 > 201225 photos
and the 20082008 ConceptPeugeot 2008 ConceptFrance, 2012 > 20126 photos
. The Onyx is a concept supercar that uses a 3.7-liter diesel V8 with a hybrid powertrain. The 2008 is a compact crossover based on the new 208.


The Onyx is made from what Peugeot calls Monolithic carbon. This is a fancy way of saying that the car has just 12 body panels, and all of them are made from carbon fiber. All of the panels combined weigh 100kg, and Peugeot says that using fewer body panels increases torsional rigidity. Power comes from a 3.7-liter diesel V8 with a hybrid and a six-speed sequential transmission. Power goes to the rear wheels. Two NACA ducts in the roof cool the engine. Total power output is 600hp, and the car weighs 1100kg. 

The electric motor makes up just 80hp of the car's total power and uses Peugeot's Hybrid4 system that incorporates braking regeneration. 

The Onyx has a double wishbone suspension front and rear with in-board spring and dampers. It has carbon brakes at all four corners that are 380mm in diameter in the front and 355mm in the rear. 

The interior is all made from felt that covers everything from the headliner to the floor to the seats. The felt is made from boiled wool and recyclable. The dashboard is made from compressed, recycled newspaper.


The 2008 is a compact crossover that is based on the new 208. It is a further evolution of the Urban Crossover Concept that Peugeot showed at the Beijing Motor Show. Peugeot says that it worked with designers in Shanghai, Sao Paulo and Paris to design the car. While it is calling the car a concept, Peugeot is very serious about building the 2008 and has announced that it will be built at its Mulhouse factory in France, Porto Real factory in Brazil and Wuhan factory in China. 

The concept uses a 1.2-liter, three-cylinder petrol engine with 110hp Peugeot plans to actually build this engine and will introduce to the 208 and 2008 next year. 

The concept is painted in fluorescent yellow with styling similar to the 208. The lower portion of the concept is painted black to make the bright yellow even more striking. The crossover is 4.14m long and 1.74m wide. The hood clamshells down over the front of the car. The grill and front logo are made from dark chrome. 

V 8
226 cu in
Top Speed
6, sequential manual
Maximum power
Fixed-head coupé
Diesel / Electric
Fuel consumption (combined)
annual ownership cost




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