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Christopher Bruce2013-05-09 14:59:26

Peugeot Releases First Video Showing 208 T16 and Loeb in Action

The car is what happens when a Le Mans prototype is stuffed into a hatchback

Loeb is a nine-time WRC champion

The PeugeotPeugeotPeugeotFrance, 1882 > present120 models
4048 photos
7 videos
208 T16 Pikes Peak208 T16 Pikes PeakPeugeot 208 T16 Pikes PeakFrance, 2013 > 201312 photos
1 video
is one of the coolest cars that have been revealed so far this year. It is what happens when the crazy guys at Peugeot Sport get bored and stuff most of the parts of a Peugeot 908908Peugeot 908France, 2011 > present3 photos
Le Mans prototype and a twin-turbo V6 into a Peugeot 208208 Gen.1Peugeot 208 Gen.1France, 2012 > present109 versions
198 photos
3 videos
hatchback. They hired nine-time WRC champion Sebastien Loeb to drive up car up the 12-mile Pikes Peak course in June.

Peugeot has just released the first video of the car that shows Loeb behind the wheel and lets us here the car for the first time. The car sounds amazing with a lot more low-down rumble than you would expect from a 3.2-liter V6. 

"The 208 T16 Pikes Peak is a rocket! It’s so powerful! The first time you drive it, each gear change practically stuns you. The shifts are really brutal, and it takes a little time to anticipate the sudden jarring. You get used to it, but it was quite disorienting to begin with," said Loeb.

The 208 T16 makes 875hp and weighs 875kg (1929lb). Peugeot says that it will accelerate to 100km/h in 1.8 seconds and hit its top speed of 240km/h (149mph) in 7.0 seconds.

“In fact, the 208 package is a combination of the best of several worlds: it’s got the downforce of a Formula 1 car, the wide tires of an endurance racing prototype and a differential, like a WRC car," he said.

208 Gen.1208 Gen.1
208 T16 Pikes Peak208 T16 Pikes Peak
V 6
195 cu in
Top Speed
149 mph
6, sequential manual
Maximum power
875 hp
Fuel consumption (combined)
annual ownership cost




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