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autoviva2015-05-07 12:31:12

Peugeot now has a GT6 car of its' own

Vision Gran Turismo was developed exclusively for the Gran Turismo 6

Peugeot Vision Gran Turismo was designed with a power-to-weight ratio of 1:1 with 875kg to 875hp

PeugeotPeugeotPeugeotFrance, 1882 > present120 models
4048 photos
7 videos
is the latest brand to unveil its car for the PlayStation 3 videogame Gran Turismo 6. Peugeot's Vision Gran TurismoVision Gran TurismoPeugeot Vision Gran TurismoFrance, 2015 > 20153 photos
was designed with a power-to-weight ratio of 1:1 with 875kg to 875hp. With an ability to accelerate from 0 to 100km/h in just 1.73 seconds, the vehicle of the French brand promises to delight players of Gran Turismo 6.

The engineers at Peugeot and Peugeot Sport have joined forces to build a supercar with all high-performance features of an endurance vehicle, designed specifically for Gran Turismo 6. The vehicle has a silhouette described as "monolithic" and sculpted to reduce aerodynamic resistance. The Vision Gran Turismo is only 104cm tall and there is an almost total absence of aerodynamic efficiency elements.

The all-wheel drive vehicle is equipped with a 3.2 V6 turbo engine placed behind the driver, with a 875hp output and combined with a manual six-speed gearbox. The engine associated with the lightweight body of only 875kg can carry the Vision Gran Turismo up to 100km/h in just 1.76 seconds. The deceleration is made through four Brembo carbon ventilated disk brakes.

Players of Gran Turismo 6 will be able to soon drive the Peugeot Vision Gran Turismo in the 40 tracks available, with 107 layouts.

Vision Gran TurismoVision Gran Turismo
V 6
195 cu in
Top Speed
6, Manual
Maximum power
875 hp
Fixed-head coupé
Fuel consumption (combined)
annual ownership cost

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