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autoviva2012-11-23 14:22:49

Peugeot EX1: electric concept revealed ahead of Paris

Peugeot EX1: electric concept revealed ahead of Paris

With a futuristic style and original architecture, Peugeot will be presenting its latest 100% electric concept car at the Paris Motor Show: the EX1. Celebrating the French brand bi-centenary the two-seater roadster was developed to offer intense driving sensations.

According to Peugeot the EX1 “has already broken several world records for acceleration from a standing start.” This performance is possible thanks to its ultra-light structure and its two electric motors, which give the car a maximum power of 250 kW (340 bhp) and four-wheel drive. Peugeot is further demonstrating the possibilities for electric power as the brand is concluding the commercial launch of the iOn.

As part of Peugeot’s 200th anniversary celebrations, the brand’s design offices wanted to create a stunning creation. The wish soon became associated with the idea of highlighting the enormous possibilities offered by the use of electric power as a way to create new driving sensations.

Engineers and stylists then went throughout the history of Peugeot to find the most radical technical solutions to use as inspiration for the development of a futuristic performance car that besides offering new driving sensations also presents responsible environmental credentials.

The EX1’s architecture reminds previous charismatic concept cars from Peugeot such as the Asphalte and 20Cup. Shaped like a “water droplet”, with a rear section built around two closely set rear wheels, the EX1 is far from being a “classic” roadster.

In terms of styling the two-seater roadster has a mechanical design which resembles an “exoskeleton” that highlights the light-weight nature of the vehicle. The EX1 features the new stylistic design codes from Peugeot that were first presented on the SR1 concept earlier this year. The monocoque body structure is manufactured from a carbon/honeycomb composite to optimise weight and rigidity. Thanks to its small dimensions (0.90m of high and width of 1.77m) the EX1 has its overall efficiency improved, by lowering the centre of gravity and enhancing aerodynamics.

The EX1 concept car is powered by two electric motors placed on each axle. Together they have a maximum output of 340 bhp, delivering instanty a constant torque of 240 Nm at the front and rear.





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