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autoviva2012-08-23 12:14:57

Opel and PSA make plans for the future and Opel plans offspring for ADAM

Opel and PSA are planning the joint development of entire models.

OpelOpelOpelGermany, 1863 > present85 models
5172 photos
8 videos
seems to plan the extension of its minicar AdamADAM Gen.1Opel ADAM Gen.1Germany, 2012 > present39 versions
122 photos
into an entire model family.

In an interview with the German magazine auto motor und sport, asked for additional variants of the new model, new Opel design manager Michael Ableson said: "The idea of ​​an Adam family is interesting, and I'll admit, we have many options, but there are no variants yet that I could talk about."

But he already rejected the idea of having ​​a two-seater version in the same market segment as the Smart, as demand for vehicles with such small volume was not sufficient.

Smaller electric models from Opel, slotted below the AmperaAmperaOpel AmperaGermany, 2009 > present8 versions
31 photos
, are an option according Ableson, although the costs are still relatively high with regards to the  small range and long charging time. The Ampera convinces many customers due to its extended range. Especially in markets where government subsidies promote electric cars, for example in the Netherlands and England, sales are good. Altogether, from February to July 2012, more than 3500 Amperas were sold in Europe.

Ableson did not object speculation about a new entry into the executive segment. Building on the successful tradition of DiplomatDiplomatOpel DiplomatGermany, 1964 > 19772 series
4 versions
3 photos
and KapitänKapitänOpel KapitänGermany, 1938 > 19706 series
18 versions
54 photos
was conceivable, but concrete plans made yet as the InsigniaInsigniaOpel InsigniaGermany, 2003 > present470 versions
661 photos
continues to lead the portfolio.

Also talked about was the planned cooperation between Opel and the French PSA Group. Not only will production capacities be shared, but also the joint development of models, up to the midsize segment, vans and crossovers is underway and a common sourcing strategy is also planned.

Source: Motor Presse Stuttgart

ADAM Gen.1ADAM Gen.1
ADAM 1.4 ADAM 1.4
Top Speed
5, Manual
Maximum power
100 hp
Fuel consumption (combined)
annual ownership cost

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The owner of is excited for the ADAM because he is a super fan of luxury cars!
20.01.2021 @ 12:27


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