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Christopher Bruce2013-09-11 15:34:32

Nissan Plans to Show Concept for Next Z at Tokyo Motor Show

It will be smaller and lighter

The video showed possible looks for the concept

Andy Palmer, NissanNissanNissanJapan, 1932 > present159 models
6957 photos
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product planning boss, says that the company will show a concept for the next generation Z-car at the Tokyo Motor Show on November 20.

He says that the next generation car will use a smaller displacement, turbocharged engine with roughly the same power as the current 332hp, 3.7-liter V6, and the car itself will be smaller and lighter. There will be a higher performance Nismo version launched later.

“I don’t want to position it as a Toyota GT86GT86 2.0 SportToyota GT86 2.0 SportJapan, 2012 > present4 photos
style car though. That traditional sleek sports car is nice but not the market I want to address. I want to address the issue of a next generation sports car,” said Palmer.

The goal for the car is to appeal to young buyers and for boys to want to have posters of the car in their room and pictures of it on their phone.

Palmer is also hinting that it may be a hybrid.

“Kids in the UK are no longer taking their driving test, and we have to energize those kids. The car has been demonized to them, so we have to find a new way to recall them. There’s no demons in an electric motor with lots of power and torque. You can look at the Juke NismoJuke NismoNissan Juke NismoJapan, 2013 > present5 photos
as well for elements of the new car,” he said.

Jay Leno visited the Nissan’s design center last year and spoke with the design team for the next Z. He also saw some images that might point toward what the car will look like. It appears that the team is trying to bring some touches of the original to the new design with a long hood and more angular roof.

Jay Leno Visits Japan to Get the Inside Scoop on the Reborn 240Z

Source: Autocar

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