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Chris Bruce2011-10-26 19:39:05

Nissan Juke Getting Tweaks for Next Year

Nissan Juke Getting Tweaks for Next Year

The Nissan Juke should be pictured next to the dictionary definition of polarizing. Some people think it is a montrosity with faux headlights then huge lamps then smaller foglights up front, and a rear three-quarters angle that just looks very awkward. However, Nissan sees the compact crossover as a success. It beat Nissan's first year sales goal and sold over 100,000 worldwide, and Europe seems to especially love it, as the continent accounts for 60% of sales. For 2012, Nissan is making a few small tweaks to the Juke to make it even more successful. 

Nissan has reduced the final drive ratio for all models of the Juke cutting emissions and lowering cabin noise. The new ratio lowers CO2 emissions by about 8g/km of CO2. The new figure for the petrol engine is 139g/km of CO2 and 129g/km of CO2 for the diesel. Nissan is promising another reduction next model year to below 130g/km for the petrol engine and below 120g/km for the diesel. 

Due to the high European demand, it is moving the production of European-bound four-wheel drive Jukes to its factory in Sunderland, where the two-wheel drive model was already made. 

The four-wheel drive system is getting a minor upgrade as well. It now can vector power across the vehicle left-to-right. Nissan claims that the system will improve handling and make the car safer to drive. 

The revised Nissan Juke will be available in a few weeks. Nissan did not say if it is adjusting prices for the tweaks. 






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