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Christopher Bruce2012-10-29 14:29:42

Nissan Has Strong Third Quarter but Very Weak September

Nissan may be facing a crisis if September sales continue

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financial results look good at first glance but throw up major red flags when you take a deeper look. 

For the third quarter Nissan did quite well. Global sales are up 7.6% to about 2.4 million cars. Sales were up 7.5% in Japan, 7.7% outside of Japan and 26.4% in just Brazil, Thailand, India and Indonesia.

Production was up 7.9% in the third quarter to about 2.4 million cars, which is a third quarter record for Nissan. Japanese production was up 3.3%, and production outside of Japan was up 9.4%

Things look far less rosy for Nissan if you look at just September though, which was the last month part of the third quarter.

Global sales were down 11.2% to about 400,00 cars. Sales in Japan were down 9.7% and sales outside of Japan were down 11.5%.

Global production was down 11.4% to about 400,000 cars. Production in Japan was down 13.9%, and production outside of Japan was down 10.6%. Production in the US was down 18.4%, and Spanish production was down 29.6%. 

Obviously, one month does not make a trend. We will have Nissan's financial results for October in the next few weeks, but if production continues to fall like in September, Nissan may be facing a crisis. 





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