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Next Generation Nav System Being Tested in Ampera in Stuttgart

The test aims to create a nav system that helps cars use less fuel

The Opel Ampera is being tested to create a new generation of navigation systems

A more intelligent infrastructure is seen as the future of green mobility in many cities. The German Ministry for Economy and Transport is funding a new test called iZEUS (intelligent Zero Emission Urban System) that attempts to create a more intelligent navigation system that connects to the infrastructure for more efficient driving.

The iZEUS project is about bringing this experience to the development of simple and customer-oriented accounting systems for battery charging,” said Dr. Christian Kunstmann, OpelOpelOpelGermany, 1863 > present85 models
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Head of Development for Power Train Electrification.

The test is based on a specially equipped Opel AmperaAmperaOpel AmperaGermany, 2009 > present8 versions
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made at the Technical Institute Karlsruhe that will be tested in Stuttgart. The car has a special navigation system that can calculate the most efficient route based on road conditions, topography, weather, battery temperature and performance of the air-conditioning system.

A second portion of the test allows drivers to pay for electricity via a pre-paid card or contract.

Opel is also using several electric MerivasMeriva Gen.2Opel Meriva Gen.2Germany, 2010 > present53 versions
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to research linking traffic and intelligent driving. These vehicles will be charged from the public network and supply power to the network from the cars’ batteries when demand is high.

The ultimate goal of the test is to prove drivers with electric vehicles that choose their routes with maximum efficiency.

Daimler is also sponsoring the project and testing vehicle technologies.





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