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Christopher Bruce2012-03-04 17:34:30

Next Gen Viper Revealed as Hot Wheels Car

Next Gen Viper Revealed as Hot Wheels Car

The UK has Corgi, Japan has Tomica and the US has Matchbox and Hot Wheels. They are the toys that little boys play with and older boys use to pretend that their dream car is theirs. It just so happens that these toys are sometimes the way we find out what a new car looks like before it is released. 

Someone with the username of Lowie on the Newfoundland Motorsports forum was sent pictures of the Hot Wheels car for the next generation SRT Viper. Granted, the car is in 1:64 scale, so the exact details are a little sketchy, but it is pretty easy from looking at these pictures to imagine what the real car will look like. 

The most interesting styling feature is the complicated structure of the hood. It appears to have a NACA duct in the middle and two reverse-side intakes on either side. It also appears that the new Viper might be taking a page from the recent Boss Mustang by having both rear- and side-exit exhausts. It retains the car's double bubble roof, but at least on the Hot Wheels car, the bubbles are set off with a black stripe white white trim running between them. 

We will not know all of the car's little styling details until it is revealed at the New York Auto Show in April, but until then what do you think of the styling on the Hot Wheels Viper. 

Source: Autoblog via Viper Club Forums via Newfoundland Motorsports Forums

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