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Christopher Bruce2012-08-22 14:57:24

New Accord Begins Production in US

Honda has built Accords in the US since the second generation

HondaHondaHondaJapan, 1948 > present102 models
2419 photos
10 videos
has begun production of the new, ninth generation AccordAccord 9Honda Accord 9Japan, 2013 > present25 versions
49 photos
at its factory in Marysville, Ohio. 

"This new Accord excels in all areas, and it's being built in a plant that excels in all areas as well – including flexibility, efficiency and quality for the customer. For 30 years, the Accord has been the signature vehicle from Honda, and it remains the industry benchmark in a very competitive segment," said Hide Iwata, President of Honda of America Manufacturing. 

The new Accord has all-new styling and a new chassis. Honda claims that it is the most dynamic looking Accord ever produced. In reality, it is a blend of Acura TSXTSXAcura TSXJapan, 2009 > present3 photos
and current Honda AccordAccord Gen.8Honda Accord Gen.8Japan, 2008 > 2012125 versions
247 photos
styling, which is not a bad thing. It is a handsome looking car but not pushing the boundaries of design. 

The new Accord uses Honda's new family of Earth Dreams engines that are cleaner than its current generations. The engines will use direct injection, and Honda has committed to more CVTs in its cars. 

It comes standard with Bluetooth, multi-information display, SMS text messaging function and Pandora.

Accords have been built at the Marysville factory since the second generation Accord in 1982. As the yen-to-dollar exchange rate strengthens Honda is moving more product development to the US. 

Nine Generations of the Honda Accord

Introduced by Honda in 1976, the Accord became in 1982 the first Japanese car to be manufactured in the United States. Over nine generations, the Accord has been very popular, especially in the United States. It has earned its popularity with customers especially by being very reliable.

1. Accord: 1976-1982

The three-door hatchback model, that was launched in 1976, was based oon the platform of the Honda Civic. The compact Accord became popular especially due to its fuel economy and also offered several innovations such as a tachometer, intermittent wipers, and an AM/FM radio.

2. Accord: 1982-1985

With the start of the second generation Honda Accord, for the first time a Japanese model was being produced in the USA. This generation also pushed the Accord to the top of the sales-charts and it remained the bestselling Japanese model in the US for 15 years.  

3. Accord: 1985-1989

The third generation Accord premiered in 1985. Designwise it stood apart and the flip-up headlights were a particularity. Also in terms of mechanics it was innovative and was the first Honda with double wishbones at the front and rear axles, which improved handling and ride of the vehicles.

4. Accord: 1990-1993

The fourth generation Honda Accord was unveiled in 1989. It was bigger than the previous model but still showd many styling features of its predecessor. The cars had a new aluminium 2.2-liter engine with electronic fuel-injection.

5. Accord: 1994-1997

For the fifth Accord, Honda developed two different versions for the European market and the North American and Japanese market.

6. Accord: 1998-2002

For the sixth generation, the Accord was produced differently according to the US, European and Japanese markets.

7. Accord: 2003-2007

For the seventh generation, first presented in 2002, Honda returned to producing just to distinct models: one for the US-marked and another for the European and Japanese customers.

8. Accord: 2008-2012

The eighth Honda Accord was again produced differently for the USA and Europe and Japan. The car grew in size and was now classified as a full size car and not, as previouly, a compact vehicle.

9. Accord: 2012-

The ninth generation Accord was first shown in disguised form at the North American International Auto Show in January. Both cars will go on sale in North America in 2013.

Accord 9Accord 9




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