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Name That Car!

You claim to be a true petrol head? We will put you to the test!

Prove yourself a true car expert and tell us which model you see in this picture.


Search for the correct answer on our car encyclopedia.

The one who gets it first, is rewarded with 1000 Vivas for the Autoviva shop. And if you guess it first three times in a row, you can suggest the new image. 

For the ones who don't make it to the pole position this time - no worries!

As soon as this riddle is solved, you will get another chance to prove your petrolheadedness, increase your Vivas balance and put the others to the test! 

So stay tuned and start guessing!


Want to see more of this quiz? You can find the past editions of Name That Car! right here


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1 comment

*This quiz is powered by our triple quiz-champion authomobilia!
10.08.2012 @ 12:33


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