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Christopher Bruce2013-11-25 17:14:31

Mitsubishi Transitioning Into SUV and Crossover Specialists

The cars make the brand more money and sell better

Mitsubishi Showed 3 Concepts in Tokyo that showed its future

MitsubishiMitsubishiMitsubishiJapan, 1917 > present72 models
1313 photos
5 videos
is trying to rebuild itself after a decade of poor sales. It thinks that it might actually break even this year, and it has decided that it will focus on SUVs, crossovers and MPVs in the future because the cars sell better and at higher prices.

Mitsubishi thinks that it has the technology and experience to offer world class SUVs, crossovers and MPVs, and it thinks that it can carve out a profitable niche by building them. It showed the GC-PHEV, Concept AR and XR-PHEV crossover and SUV concepts at the Tokyo Motor Show to demonstrate its new focus.

The GC-PHEV is a full-size SUV with a plug-in hybrid system. It is meant to be able to perform well off-road thanks to its all-wheel drive system, and it uses car-to-car communication for added safety.

The XR-PHEV is compact crossover concept, which is also a plug-in hybrid. Mitsubishi says that it is meant to be nimble and drivable, while resembling a sports coupe.

Finally, the Concept AR is meant as a next generation compact MPV with a small, direct-injected, turbocharged engine. The interior offers adaptable seating that can be changed depending on the number of passengers.

In Japan, Mitsubishi and NissanNissanNissanJapan, 1932 > present159 models
7236 photos
12 videos
are co-developing a new family of kei-class city cars, but they will not be sold worldwide. They have also agreed to develop a large sedan together, which Mitsubishi plans to sell in the US.

Source: Autocar





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