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autoviva2014-04-29 11:04:37

MINI apprentices create pick-up one-off

Vehicle shows the abilities of the new BMW Group colaborators

Basically they took the Paceman Cooper S and gave it a two-seat cockpit and the rear was replaced by a cargo area in the style of a pick-up

MINIMINI (BMW)MINI (BMW)Germany, 2000 > present15 models
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apprentices, together with their instructors at the Munich and Dingolfing factories, have created a pick-up version based on the MINI Cooper Paceman SPaceman Cooper S ALL4MINI (BMW) Paceman Cooper...Germany, 2015 > present1 photo
, the Paceman AdventurePaceman AdventureMINI (BMW) Paceman AdventureGermany, 2015 > present15 photos

With this concept created by the trainees, BMW and MINI wanted to showcase the talents of its most recent collaborators. Basically they took the Paceman Cooper S and gave it a two-seat cockpit and the rear was replaced by a cargo area in the style of a pick-up.

The Paceman Adventure gets the turbocharged engine from the 184hp all-wheel drive version Paceman Cooper S ALL4.

The powerful turbo engine, the ALL4 four-wheel drive, a modified suspension and various available resources mean that this versatile car is ready for anything. Name: MINI Paceman Adventure. The interior finishes behind the front seats, where the spacious cargo area for luggage, tools and equipment begins. Furthermore, the vehicle has crossbars which can carry a spare tire.

According to MINI, the Paceman Adventure is ready for driving on gravel roads, through muddy or desert trails. The pick-up has the typical short overhangs of any MINI model but receives a frame with a higher distance to the ground, with higher safety margins both at the front and rear. The snorkel-like air intake at the roof level means the MINI Paceman Adventure is prepared to cross an area of ​​deep waters.

Finally, the Paceman Adventure still receives additional lights mounted at the front of the roof to optimize nighttime visibility. Special off-road tires with wider and deeper treads ensure better traction.

The MINI Paceman Adventure is a one-off vehicle and there is no intention for it to make it into production.

Paceman Gen.1Paceman Gen.1


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21.10.2020 @ 11:50
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15.09.2021 @ 14:34


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