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Mercedes Thinks the Electric B-Class Will Outsell the BMW i3

I thinks that it offers a better range and more seating

Mercedes is predicting that the B-Class Electric Drive will outsell the i3

Electric cars are getting a second chance to become popular, after the first attempt around the time of the 2009 global recession was a resounding failure. Nissan LeafLEAFNissan LEAFJapan, 2009 > present30 versions
55 photos
1 video
sales are growing at an ever-faster rate, and BMWBMWBMWGermany, 1918 > present87 models
8672 photos
43 videos
is launching its i-sub-brand of electric models. Even Mercedes-BenzMercedes-BenzMercedes-BenzGermany, 1924 > present197 models
9898 photos
33 videos
is getting in on this second boom with the B-Class Electric DriveB Electric DriveMercedes-Benz B Electric ...Germany, 2013 > 200015 photos
. Daimler’s research and development chief Thomas Weber claims that the electric B-Class will even outsell the i3.

He claims that the B-Class offers customer’s room for five people and cargo room and have a 200km range. It will launch in the United States first in the spring of 2014 and come to Europe in the fall.

That will mean that there will be two electric models from Daimler on sale in Europe, including the SmartStudebakerStudebakerUnited States of America, 1868 > 196611 models
35 photos
1 video
Fortwo Electric Drivesmart Fortwo Electric DriveGermany, 2012 > present10 photos

“We have reached the point where we can ramp up capacity and cover the demand,” said Weber.

“We are talking to practically every battery manufacturer, from Korea to Japan all the way to the U.S. We have plenty of time since the current battery technology for the Smart will be the basis for the next generation.”

The next generation Smart is also due to debut in 2014.

Weber also talked about the future of the S-ClassS-Class 6Mercedes-Benz S-Class 6Germany, 2014 > present47 versions
113 photos
. He said that the coupe shown in Frankfurt is close to production and will go on sale in 2014. A convertible version of the coupe is likely later, and there will be an even larger S-Class for China.

Source: Automotive News Europe

B-Class Gen.2 [W246]B-Class Gen.2 [W246]
Concept B-Class Electric DriveConcept B-Class Electric Drive
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