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Lotus Evora 414E Hybrid Shows Future of Green Track Cars

Lotus Evora 414 Hybrid Shows Future of Green Track Cars

Lotus is looking towards the future with the Evora 414E Hybrid. This car was first shown last year, but Lotus has given it more development this year making us think they might be kind of serious about the idea of a hybrid track car. 

Currently, the 414E has been developed to 414ps thanks to two electric motors each with 207ps and 295lb-ft and an range-extending petrol engine. The system is set up so that each electric motor drives a separate wheel. There is a single-speed transmission between them that allows it to work as a limited-slip differential vectoring power where it is needed. The range extender is built front a 1.2 liter, three-cylinder engine that recharges the 15 kWh lithium-ion battery pack that is in the middle of the car for better weight balance. 

Lotus claims that this set-up will accelerate the Evora Hybrid to 100km/h in four seconds and allows a range of 483km. It has a pure electric range of 35km. 

The Evora Hybrid uses a system HALOsonic created by Harman that that provides sound synthesis inside and outside the vehicle. It projects a fake engine sound inside and outside the cabin. The system also works with the car's Sport Mode to give simulated gearshifts from the paddle shifters. The system augments the sound in the car to simulate a shift. The car comes with four sound modes: a V6, a V12, something Lotus calls a "futuristic sound" and a blend of the conventional engine and futuristic sound. 

Evora 414E HybridEvora 414E Hybrid
Battery Type
Top Speed
Maximum power
Fixed-head coupé
Electric / Petrol
annual ownership cost
$ 651

1 comment

I wonder what electric cars will do for sexiness in the future. I mean, a big generic cube with wires coming out isn't very appealing next to the exposed innards of say, an F430. Kind of the automobil...
07.03.2012 @ 11:01


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