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autoviva2015-07-02 12:01:11

Lotus 3-Eleven unveiled in Goodwood

Model marks the beginning of a new generation of Lotus models

With 456cv and less than 900kg, the new Lotus 3-Eleven will be sold in two versions: Road and Race

In what is the first step of the renewal of LotusLotusLotusUnited Kingdom, 1952 > present68 models
957 photos
7 videos
, the brand unveiled at Goodwood the 3-Eleven3-ElevenLotus 3-ElevenUnited Kingdom, 2015 > present2 versions
4 photos
, the fastest and most expensive sports model in the history of the British brand. This will only be the first of a new generation of models promised by Lotus.

With 456cv and less than 900kg, the new Lotus 3-Eleven will be sold in two versions: Road and Race. The 3.5 liter V6 engine allows the sports model to reach 100km/h in less than 3 seconds and a top speed of 290km/h in the Road3-Eleven RoadLotus 3-Eleven RoadUnited Kingdom, 2015 > present2 photos
version. This version will be combined with a manual six-speed gearbox, while the Race3-Eleven RaceLotus 3-Eleven RaceUnited Kingdom, 2015 > present2 photos
version gets a sequential six-speed gearbox.

With this type of performance Jean-Marc Gales, CEO of Lotus, believes the laptime of the 3-Eleven at Nürburgring won't be very far from the one from the Porsche 918 Spyder.

The new model is based on a more reinforced chassis tubular aluminum monocoque, compared to traditional chassis of other models of Lotus. The rollcage of the 3-Elevan Road incorporates additional impact sidebars, while the Race version receives additional bars that allow to meet the regulations of FIA.

In terms of design there are some similarities between the 3-Eleven and older models of Lotus, however, the position of the driver was placed further behind. The vehicle includes all air intakes that a powerful sports car needs without compromising the aerodynamics.

The cockpit of the 3-Eleven is quite minimalist and includes an aerodynamic windscreen, a series of instruments designed around a TFT screen and an lightweight bucket seat developed by Lotus. A quick-release steering wheel and a four point fixing harness are included standardly.

Lotus plans to produce 311 units of 3-Eleven over the next two years. The production will take place in Hethel factory, alongside the Evora 400. The delivery of the first units is scheduled for April next year.

3-Eleven Road3-Eleven Road
V 6
214 cu in
Top Speed
174 mph
6, Manual
Maximum power
410 hp @ 7000 rpm
Fuel consumption (combined)
annual ownership cost




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